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At Mile High Natural Awakenings, our mission is:

  • To be an optimistic, invaluable and highly credible community resource that inspires, educates and challenges our readers to live the healthiest life possible for themselves, their families and community;
  • To help local, green, eco, sustainable and positive businesses prosper and connect to the public that will benefit from their goods and services;
  • To 'overdeliver' in terms of service, value and accountability.

First Issue: May 2010 Publisher's Letter
Our latest Publishers' Letters

MARCH 2019 Publishers' Letter

Did you know that 70 percent of the immune system resides in the lining of the gut? That’s just one critical issue writer Melinda Hemmelgarn addresses in this month’s feature Nutrition Upgrades: Five Strategies for Better Health, starting on page 16. She emphasizes ditching the diet, eating for yourself and the planet, and learning about the care and feeding of that allimportant microbiome.

Eating may be one of our most sacred activities in the sense our food choices create the bodies we live in. It’s been our long experience that food is either building us up, or it’s dragging us down, depending on those choices. Please learn all about Medical Medium Anthony William. His books are in the library and his website has free downloads of all his material. You’ll love Debra Lin Allen’s recipe on page 21 for healing bone broth (one of Doug’s faves for gut healing) and the other recipes in the Delicious Discards article that will have you thinking about what food you toss. I’m not sure we’ll enjoy fried fish scales as much as the Japanese, but we’d be willing to try. We sure will be trying aquafaba (explained on page 20) in some recipes – we have plenty of that left over!

On the environment front, March 22 is World Water Day, an annual UN observance. While we couldn’t fit in an excellent article by Jim Motavalli entitled Saving a Drop to Drink: Our Role in the Coming Water Crisis, check it out on our website on the right side of the home page under “March Extras.” Did you know Colorado River reservoirs were at record lows last summer? Did you know it takes more than 3,000 gallons to produce a smartphone and 55 gallons for a single egg? According to Jim, “The World Economic Forum has ranked water scarcity as the top long-term environmental risk globally for the next decade; the United Nations reports that 1.2 billion people—a fifth of the world’s burgeoning population—live in regions of water scarcity; and as many as 700 million around the globe are already suffering from water deprivation.”

Lastly, March 5 is Mardi Gras; we “spring” forward on the 10th with Daylight Savings; Spring begins Wednesday, March 20; St Patrick’s Day is March 17. Happy Spring!

November 2018 Publishers Letter

Be Informed; Be Empowered

Natural Awakenings’ mission has always been about publishing information and resources so readers can make their own, best decisions for their health and well-being. Informed people are empowered to take responsibility for themselves in positive ways.

A population that is uninformed or misinformed is easily manipulated, whether you are dealing with healthcare (in particular the pharmaceutical and food industries) or politics. Just as you must educate yourself on healthcare issues, you absolutely must prepare during this voting season.

We urge everyone to study their ballots carefully and consider their vote on amendments and propositions. Whom will it benefit? Whom will it hurt? Has it been worded to confuse? We MUST understand the true effect of the votes we cast! It is not enough to roll into the booth and read these things for the first time and vote by impulse.

Studies have proven that we will believe a lie if it is told often enough (and loudly enough). Hasher, et al “Frequency and the conference of referential validity” Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior (Feb 77,V16, I1, pp107-112) and more recently Unkelbach et al “A referential theory of the repetition-induced truth effect” Cognition (2017, Vol 160, pp110-126).

Take for example, Amendment 74. It sounds really good when you read the language, but research shows that this has been sponsored by the Colorado Farm Bureau in conjunction with the oil and gas industry. It seems that farmers make more money leasing their land to fracking companies than farming! Who knew!? And 74 conveys no benefit for you nor I, but only a small group of wealthy individuals. Many of the sponsors of 74 have NO ties to our state other than the profits and resources they take to enrich themselves. This is a tool to sue local and state governments into submission for regulating a dirty and dangerous industry that literally sits on the doorstep of our homes and schools. It is a hedge in case they lose on Proposition 112. Prop 112 is the proposal to setback fracking operations 2,500 feet from any occupied building.

Meanwhile, the benign-sounding Protect Colorado is a political action committee supporting oil industry-friendly initiatives and opposing any limits on drilling. In 2018, this PAC was stuffed with more than $13.4 million from out-of-state companies Anadarko Petroleum, Noble Energy, Extraction Oil and Gas, PDC Energy, SRC Energy and DCP Midstream, so that a constant barrage of commercials will repeat the LIE that 112 will devastate the economy of Colorado and cost tens of thousands of jobs. (They employ a combined 1,000 people, not 15,000 and not 147,800 that their own industry-funded studies deceptively show). Meanwhile, our Colorado Supreme Court in 2016 denied municipal fracking bans, consolidating that power on the state level. If you live, work, recreate and raise kids in a Colorado community, these out-of-state companies can come in and plop a fracking pad in your yard and you’d have no rights. Longmont had to spend $3 million to stop companies from fracking within city limits.

As of today, our Supreme Court is still debating whether to uphold a court ruling that requires the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to ensure protection of the environment and people as a precondition before issuing permits for more oil and gas drilling (Martinez case). Industry attorneys and Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman favor a “balancing of interests” that prioritize company profits before community well-being. Not only is your well-being at risk should you follow healthcare “advice” blindly, but at the polls, our communities’ health and future are at risk. Carefully question, consider and understand your choices on November 6th. Choose wisely.

May 2010 Publishers Letter

What an exciting change and a new beginning for us.

Our mission is to live lives full of motion, energy, love and service to others. We have both been corporate warriors most of our lives; now we are business owners. And with that comes an enormous responsibility to help others, become even more of an important resource to the community, and learn and grow along with our readers and advertisers.

We have been led to Denver. Maybe it's because of the 300 days of sunshine, the Rocky Mountains on our doorstep in which to hike, bike, camp, and ski. Maybe it's because studies show a correlation between weight loss and altitude. Perhaps it's the 200,000 acres of organic farmland in surrounding areas or the diversity of neighboring hippy Boulder and right-leaning Colorado Springs. We know it's beautiful here. This area has a unique identity, great people, amazing culture, sports and great recreational opportunities. Because what Denver does, it really does big! --from that crazy airport to the Jefferson County government building in Golden, to the miles of bike trails and parks.

We came to pan for gold. And the gold is YOU, our readers. Our mission is to support you in living a healthy, connected, environmentally-harmonious life, to help you access providers and merchants that you feel good about. You deserve the best mental, physical and spiritual health. Whether it be consulting an intuitive, cleansing your system, holistic dentistry, a hydroponic garden, a health-centered medical professional, attending a class, finding a like-minded support group or spiritual guidance, you will find the best of the best within these pages.

If you don't do something different today, how can you expect anything to change tomorrow?

Just like we are finding our own new beginning, we hope that you find an opportunity for a new beginning every month within the pages of Natural Awakenings.

Looking forward to the future, Doug and Terry

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