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Click on the graphic to read the 10 Reasons why you should consider advertising in print media

We have several options, depending on your budget and what your goals are.

WE OFFER 10% off to ALL NON-PROFITS for everything over $100, except the calendar pricing which is 50% off ($5 instead of $10).

Email us at publish [@] (sorry, links disabled due to spam) about pricing & packages.

To submit most advertising, see the links to the left.

  • Display Advertising: the smallest is a business card sized ad;; up sizes to 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 2/3, full page. Inside front cover, inside back cover are all premium spots, which are a bit more per month. The price per month depends on how many months you want to run. We have a couple wonderful, inexpensive designers who can help you design an impactful ad, and we'll help you with a marketing plan to get the most bang for your buck. Download the 2019 Media Kit for info or call us to talk it through and get pricing. .

  • Local Resource Listing: This is a resource guide listing that has a graphic/photo and text (approx. 60 words), along with a heading and contact info. This section appears in the back of the magazine. Example of a Local Resource Listing:

  • Classfied: Your Classified listing appears within the Calendar section toward the back of the magazine, and has an appropriate heading such as Jobs Available, etc. Up to 20 words is $15; up to 50 words is $25. No graphic. Example of a Classified:

  • Calendar: There are 3 parts to the calendar in back of the magazine: Daily, Ongoing (such as a class every Tuesday) and Looking Forward (an event for the following month).Text: 35 words or less. If you are an advertiser, you get 5 free.If you have a Resource Guide listing, you receive 2 free. If you get magazines dropped off at your business every month to distribute to your patrons, you get 2 free.Free events have a limit of 2 from any one organization. Events that are not free: If you are a non-profit, it's $5 each. If you are a for-profit, it's $10 each. Upgrade to 75 words ("Expanded") for $10. Upgrade to a HIGHLIGHT $10. Example of a calendar event:

  • Save the Date Calendar Event :In the front of the calendar, we highlight your event/class with it's own box and color. $75. You receive a graphic and a paragraph of text (about 60 words), along with contact information. Example of a Save the Date calendar event:

  • Email Newsletter Marketing:

    We offer 2 kinds of email marketing:
    1. within our bi-monthly email newsletter and
    2. an exclusive email with only your content.

    Both emails go to approximately 2000 people and are posted on Facebook (2 pages), Twitter and Linkedin for a total combined viewing of almost 4000.

    Our bi-monthly email newsletter goes once at the end of the month with information on what's coming up the following month, and the beginning of the month for deadline reminders. You are included with several other advertisers, articles and info. The deadline is 5pm the day before; preferably earlier than that. The current dates for the emails can be found on the upper left navigational area of the page, and the home page is the most updated. $25. This includes either about 100 words of text (you may use the form below) and a graphic OR a high resolution jpg or png file that is postcard sized. We can usually convert whatever you have to suit our email program's needs.

    Your exclusive email goes to the same list, and we can generally send it any time you want unless it conflicts with our bi-monthly email and/or another advertisers' email. We do not send more than once a day. You let us know when you want to send it, the title and links and we'll send you a proof to review before it goes out. $50 Generally we need 2-3 days to create it and make sure you approve it. Pretty much anything you'd want to include can go in here, any size. Preferably you have a full page high resolution jpg or png file, but we can convert a PDF or other file as needed too, and in some instances, we can put together graphics and words. If you are looking for something very specific, ie colors and fonts, we suggest you send us a prepared file instead. We create a maximum of 3 proofs for you; after that we charge $10/proof.

    If you'd like a sample, please send us an email to request it. Pease email your request and files to Publish (at) (due to spam, we have disabled all email links. Please copy and paste the address into your email and substitute (at) for the symbol @ as in normal email protocol.) Payment MUST be made before we start work for you.

  • Online Advertising: We recieve approx 4000 visitors a month to our website. All page impressions from the same computer are counted as one visit, not the artificially inflated count of page views. 50% of visitors access the home page. We appreciate completed designs but can create them for you at no fee if they are part of an advertising package; if it's a stand-alone ad, a creation fee will be negotiated..

Tell us what's important to you. We listen! Call 303-770-1981 or email Publish [@] (sorry, link disabled due to spam). Download the 2019 Media Kit, Email us about pricing & packages, or check out the Resources page with lots of other info.

Mile High Natural Awakenings departments include (at various times depending on space):

  •  Publisher's Letter
  •  OpEd
  •  News Briefs, Health Briefs, Global Briefs
  •  Local Insights
  •  Community or Event Spotlight
  •  Interviews
  •  Wise Words
  •  Conscious Eating
  •  Green Living
  •  Healing Ways
  •  Healthy Child
  •  Natural Pet
  •  Fitness Focus
  •  Feature Articles usually around theme of the month
  •  Calendar of Events
  •  Classifed Ads
  •  Display Ads
  •  Community Resource Guide

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