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Clear Sky Medical with Dr Katia Meier


  • A decline in optimal health can happen at any age. However, optimal health can also be found at any age!

  • Our tailored programs will optimize your body to look and feel and perform your best at any age

  • Our personalized programs to achieve optimal Hormone Health will fine tune your body for the utmost quality of life experience and long term health, using Bio-identical Hormones only!

  • Our personalized programs in advanced Anti-Aging Aesthetic Dermatology can take years off your appearance with minimal downtime and risk and no surgeries required.

  • Our natural, toxin free Skin Care and Make-Up make it easy to maintain a fresh look at all times.

  • Our personalized Nutrition programs are designed to help you reverse and prevent illness and preserve health. Our Raw food chef and nutritionist Diane Henry gives regular classes and personalized consultations and can help you with delicious recipes and tips to be at your perfect weight with ease while enjoying delicious healthy foods!

  • Our personalized Thyroid and Adrenal health programs help you have the energy you want to have to do all the fun things in life.

  • Personalized Neurotransmitter testing and therapy will get your mood and sleep at its best.

Personalized Programs:

  • Anti-Aging & Well-Gevity
  • Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
  • Hormone, Thyroid & Adrenal Health
  • Aesthetic Dermatology
  • Neurotransmitter Balancing
  • Nutrition
  • Homeopathy
  • Herbal Medicine

Claim your Optimal Health with Conventional and Natural Medicine!

Call for an appointment 303-790-7860
Panorama Falls • 9085 E. Mineral Circle #260 • Centennial, CO 80112

Stay tuned for free topical monthly presentations by joining our e-mail list. Text CSM to 22828 or call 303-790-7860.

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"I am so blessed to have known you as you have made such a difference in my life. I now feel alive and well and have energy I had years ago. I am so very grateful to you."-Virginia Harwood

"I would like to express my deep respect and sincere appreciation for the help and support Dr Meier and her care staff have all provided me for the past two years. I found her practice through an article in Natural Awakenings magazine. when I became a patient in August 2009, Clear Sky Medical was the last stop for finding relief for symptoms such as weight gain, trouble sleeping, energy loss, dry-scaly skin, edginess and irritability,etc. These are all issues that I, like so many women, have suffered with due to hormonal decline. Dr Meier explained the benefits and protocol of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to me during my first office visit...her goal was to restore optimal not just "normal" levels and ratios of these hormones. I am very thankful for Dr Meier's patience and persistence in identifying and unpacking the compexity of my individual needs for hormone replacement so accurately and effectively. I have found extraordinary benefits to BHRT. I trust Dr Meier and believe that she possesses expert knowledge in the new science of anti-aging medicine. Armed with information and understanding, I have been able to fight back to relieve and eliminate many of the symptoms that I looked to Dr Meier to help me with. She has proven that she has the skills to help you optimize your quality of life and well-being. I feel like she and her team are looking out for me. " ~Trish Kuhn, Golden

While many of my friends in their sixties are closing the book on their lives, I am writing the new and best chapter. Dr Katya Meier has restored in me the capacity to wonder and enjoy. - Susan Balas-Whitfield

I am a happier, healthier, stronger person because of Dr Meier's direction and approach to proactive medical prevention...In every aspect, my health has improved. -Sara Pratti

What is Cancer Anyway? Cancer is not some foreign invader; cancer is a malfunction in your normal cell division process of your own cells. These cells exist in our bodies every day. Our healthy immune system destroys them. When, because of lifestyle choices (think food), emotional traumas, or excess toxins the number of these cells grows beyond what our immune system can handle, we “get” cancer.Read the full article here.

How are our Moods, Focus and Addictions linked to what we eat? Learn how we can Nourish our Minds and Bodies to take control of our emotions and behavior with Personalized, Science-based Nutrition Programs. We have all heard the phrases “I have a feeling in my gut” or “that Thanksgiving turkey dinner made me sleepy” or “my son is bouncing off the walls after eating M&Ms.” These sayings point to the realization that indeed, our guts and our brains are connected – what we eat does matter. Read the full article here.

Are environmental toxins making you sick? Serious medical conditions, including cancer, have been linked to environmental toxins.Carcinogenic and endocrinedisrupting chemicals are added to products we use on a daily basis; our water is poisoned with a drug normally only available per prescription; our food supply is contaminated with geneticallyaltered organisms which have never been tested for safety. Read the full article here.

Hormones may save your life! Hormones may save your life in more ways than one. First, of course, they may just save your sanity, but as a nice side effect, they have also been shown to reduce mortality of all causes including heart disease and breast cancer. Yes, Hormones may prolong your life and improve your quality of life on the way. Numerous health magazines just recently published that the discontinuance of hormone replacement therapy has possibly contributed to at least 50,000 deaths in women over the past 10 years. Read the full article here.

Insulin Resistance – The Root Of Chronic Disease? Insulin is one of the most potent hormones in the body, next to stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. You may think that insulin mainly regulates blood sugar – but its real role is that of a storage and growth hormone, designed to help us through feasts and famines. Insulin is secreted from the pancreas after we eat carbohydrates or sugars. To use sugar as energy, the insulin molecule has to dock on the outside of your cell membranes at the ‘insulin receptor’ (think lock & key) to signal to the DNA to activate sugar transporters. Our Standard American Diet is (SAD) very high in carbohydrates and so we constantly stimulate very high outputs of insulin. Read the full article here.

LEARN HOW TO GET THE WEIGHT OFF: Many patients come into our clinic saying that they have tried one diet after another with no results. This is because most diet plans are not well balanced, lacking the appropriate and necessary nutrients and vitamins. We believe that treating your health cannot be a one-size-fitsall plan—so we create a treatment strategy that’s tailored just for you.Read the full article here.

BEAUTIFUL SKIN NATURALLY WITH TOXIC FREE SKIN CARE & TREATMENTS Beautiful skin does not come for free after a certain age, but it can be achieved through powerful noninvasive treatments and skincare – free of harmful toxins so you will never have any regrets later.Read the full article here.

OPTIMIZE YOUR NATURAL HEALING POWER Our body has an innate knowledge of what ‘perfect health’ and equilibrium is. However, especially in the case of chronic issues with inflammatory, metabolic and toxic origin, one imbalance leads to another and can manifest in a ‘snowball effect’ where people end up with so many health issues that it may seem impossible to find a way out. Read the full article here.

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Clear Sky Medical
Dr Katia Meier is Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and a Naturopathic European-Trained MD. She is board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine. (pictured here with son Noah)

Clear Sky Medical

Clear Sky Medical

Clear Sky Medical


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