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Health Brief Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in submitting health information to Natural Awakenings.

Your Heatlh Brief Submission is free. There is no need to pay at the payment screen after submission. We can't guarantee your editorial will be published.

Here are some guidelines so your health brief is ready to print!

DUE DATE Is the 5th of the month prior to publication (i.e July 5th for August issue).

Your health brief should be about educating our readers on health information, i.e. why a supplement/food/activity is good for the health, a service you provide that helps readers become/stay healthy, etc. It should contain less than 250 words, and will be edited for style and space needs..

We could use a high resolution graphic of at least 300 dpi. We can work with smaller lower resolution photos, but they don't print as well. Please send separately to Publish (at) (due to spam, we have disabled all email links. Please copy and paste the address into your email and substitute (at) for the symbol @ as in normal email protocol.)and reference "Health Brief: your business name".

If the information you are submitting is not educational, please submit a news brief instead. If you aren't sure, please email us at Publish (at) (due to spam, we have disabled all email links. Please copy and paste the address into your email and substitute (at) for the symbol @ as in normal email protocol.)

Download our editorial guidelines [pdf]

An example of a great health brief.

Hints to writing your health brief:

  • Write in third-person news style (them/they/those/people/attendees).
  • Use action verbs (i.e. ABC offers; not ABC is offering).
  • Your original work might be edited to fit our magazine's style.

What we want:

  • We focus on hope, healing, practical tips and benefits.
  • Attribute all medical or health claims and scientific study results; cite credible, authoritative sources.

What we won't publish:

  • Depressing lists of symptoms and technical details of treatment.
  • Marketing or sales copy heavy on blatant self-promotion.
  • Extended, first-person (me/I/my) accounts of life journeys.

STOP! Is it past the 5th of the month? Did you read the editorial guidelines? Those may be reasons why your article might not be published.
* Required

* What is the heading for your Health Brief?
i.e Start Paying Attention to Vitamin D


* Write less than 250 words on your health information. Your submission will be edited for style and size requirements.


* Name of Business:

* Name of Contact Person:

* Phone:

Phone number for people to call for information. Always include your area code.


* Email


* Web site:

Web site where people can learn more about you and/or your organization. Please do not include http or www.

Is there anything else important our readers or the publisher needs to know?

Please enter the number into the box on the right.

No need to click "Continue" on the next screen as it takes you to Payment options. This submission is free.

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